Principle #3 How you do it is as important as what you do.

You’ve probably heard the refrain, “How you say it is just as important as what you say.” The same is true with how we go about our work.
I consult with many organizations and businesses on how to improve employee performance, including how to set individual performance goals and how to evaluate an employee’s completion of those goals.
Often an important part of the goal and evaluation is overlooked – “how” the goal is accomplished. Did the employee demonstrate the core values of the firm in the process? Or did the employee leave a wake of disruption in the likes of unengaged team members, damaged relationships, poor quality, or even unethical actions? Sometimes the effects of such behavior are as obvious as a “bull in a china shop” while others slowly chip away at employee morale and company culture.
Apply the Principle:
Think about and include “how” you will do things when setting performance goals, and then evaluate not only on completion of the goal but on “how” it was accomplished and how the core values of the organization were demonstrated in doing so.
The application of this principle increases self-awareness and improves individual behavior – collectively enhancing overall organizational behavior and morale.
It is also applicable in our personal lives. Will you just read the book to your child or will you engage your child in the telling of a story? Will you take your spouse to dinner only to spend it on the phone?
Think about how you are doing things when you do them and you will find greater joy and satisfaction.
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